What Caused Dry and Pigmented Lips?

Everyone said that smileis the prettiest thing you can wear. If you’re talking about a smile, is not allabout your shiny white teeth, but it also about your healthy lips. We all dreamto have soft, pink and healthy lips but somehow it seems like so hard to get. Dryand pigmented lips related highly with your overall health.

Your lips deserve someextra care and attention in order to keep them hydrated and restore theirnatural softness and smoothness.

Let’s take a look atwhat actually causes dry and pigmented lips:

·        An unhealthy lifestylethat includes smoking, a bad diet and stress

·        Dehydration by notdrinking enough water

·        Excessive caffeine

·        Using expired products

·        Using cheap qualityproducts

·        Not removing yourmakeup at night

·        Anemia

·        Exposing yourself tothe sun and pollution


Knowing all the above factors,hopefully will give you enough boost to give your lips just a little bit ofextra love that they deserve. Healthy Life means Happy Lips …